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Enough Pinning, it’s time for action! 

Like most people, I care about the environment. I worry about my carbon footprint and often wonder about ways I can limit that and make the earth a better place. Like some people, I am all talk and no action. I decided this week, that I was going to commit to finding ways that my family can reduce, reuse and recycle. 

Cue the nearly empty box of dryer sheets! The bane of my existence (well, one of the few). The good ones are expensive, I find them everywhere, and they’re really such a waste! How about some reusable ones? Pinterest to the rescue! This Recipe required items I already had on hand. I used clean “holey” underwear of my husband’s that were headed for the garbage. Boom! Reduce money spent, reuse clean rags, recycle a mason jar! 

Next I thought, that if I’m going to make my own dryer sheets, I might as well make my own laundry soap too! Back to Pinterest, again I was looking for something that I already had ingredients for. So I found this One that didn’t require Borax. This is the only one I spent new money on. Considering it was 11.99 for a bottle of Castile soap that will yield two batches, it’s still a bargain!

Behold the finished product!

Nothing fancy, but as long as it gets my clothes clean, makes them smell good, and is both good for the environment and my pocket book, I’m a happy woman! I used lavender Castile soap with lemon essential oils. I just took my first load out of the washer, and it smells amazing!

Now, with spring fast approaching here in MI, my husband and I are seriously planning the garden we’ve talked about for years. First of all, we need to know when to plant different seeds, inside or out, so I found this helpful info graphic:

Next, if we’re going to start some of these indoors, I’m going to need a planter! So, I found this helpful Article. And away we go!

I started early with this one as well, by attempting to regrow my green onions. One of my favorite toppings on almost everything, I go through a lot of green onions. My goal is to never have to buy them again! Here’s what I have so far:

I am a busy full time working mom, and I often pick convenience over preservation, but one day at a time, I’m going to find ways to make preservation, convenient! Most of what I actually use on Pinterest are recipes. I pin a heap of other things, but usually forget about them as soon as I tap the heart and pick my board. No more wasting such a vast resource of information! Time to take action and do what we can to practice self-sustainable living in our suburban home. 

Tune in later, to find out how all of this turns out and if I can keep it up!


5 thoughts on “Enough Pinning, it’s time for action! 

  1. Haha I love the title! I care about the environment too, and I try to reuse things a lot. I did the green onions thing once, just keep the area around it more ventilated because it can smell.


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